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Summer Camp 2018

Football Coaching Camp for both U16 and A16 students. Starting from 18-Apr-2018.

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Trials for SUNDAY BOYS FC Senior Team.

SUNDAY BOYS FC is looking out for players for their senior team playing in First Division of Mumbai District Football Club. Players from Mumbai please call 9820917409.

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Player Development

In-line with our mission and vision our club constantly strive for grass-root development of football. The development and transition of students is well defined.
U12 U14 U16 U19 Seniors [MDFA Team].

Camps and Clinics

Sunday Boys Football Club organize coaching camps and clinics on winter and summer vacations. Many students find it as a platform for first-time football lovers to get acquinted to the game.

Fitness with Football

We have also started with a Fitness with Football initiative, where in football enthusiasts who are working can train with us for recreation and fitness. We have received a very positive response and many have already enrolled with us.


Coaching is conducted in a planned manner where in session are planned by the Head Coaches who are experienced and certified. The head coaches are supported by assistant coaches who are players of our club with more that 10 years of playing experience. The assistant coaches are also required to complete a football certification course.

SUMMER Camp 2018

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SBFC Grassroot Development.




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SUMMER Camp 2018

Contact: Amrit Raj (7977194290), Ajit Raj (8308917221), Lawrence (7738579237), Kailash (9224260704)

Starting from 10-April-2018

Fees: Rs.1000/- for 10 sessions

Age group:

  • U16 - Between 10 years and 16 years.
  • A16 - Above 16 years.


  • U16 - Mon-Wed-Fri Morning 7am to 8am.
  • A16 - Tue-Thu-Sat Morning 7am to 8am.