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Summer Camp 2018

Football Coaching Camp for both U16 and A16 students. Starting from 18-Apr-2018.

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Trials for SUNDAY BOYS FC Senior Team.

SUNDAY BOYS FC is looking out for players for their senior team playing in First Division of Mumbai District Football Club. Players from Mumbai please call 9820917409.

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A group of young football enthusiasts with unabated passion and love for the game would never have thought that one day they would together share the dream of having this love and passion outlast in the form of forming and managing a football club. The team was founded a decade ago in the year 1997 in the northeast suburb of Mumbai called Bhandup. The history dates back to some years before formation of the club when this congregation happened and started playing football on Sundays, and this weekend get-together of these like-minded earthlings took the form of a club and was christened as "Sunday Boys Football Club."

Stepping Stone

The club started to play in private tournaments conducted in the suburbs and cities of Mumbai. To further develop football in their locality the club started coaching of St Xavier's High School, Bhandup. Most of the player, students and ex-students of St Xavier's, are currently playing in the club. Some of the students from this school are playing in various Elite and Super Divisions clubs of M.D.F.A.

Tour De Force

Between 1997 to 2006, the club has won many tournaments and was a force to reckon with. Some of the players of the club used to represent different football teams in the Mumbai Football League. The club also successfully managed and organised private football tournaments, in Bhandup, in the year 2002 and 2003. This was probably a milestone as it was the first time that national and international players participated in a football tournament conducted in this part of the suburb.

Dream Come True

The players along with the coach and senior members of the team then cogitated, formulated their thoughts together, and decided upon registering the club with the Mumbai district football governing body, M.D.F.A. The club was then registered in March 2006 with Mumbai District Football Association to play in the Fourth Division of Mumbai Football League.

Founder Member

After several rounds of meeting, the members decided the structure for the club. The members over the time were experiencing the realization of their dream. They understood that from here on there is no looking back and resolved on taking the club to greater heights. The founder members of the club are M. Selvaraj, Francis Hendericks, S.Ajit Raj, Prasad Subramaniam, S.Amrit Raj, Kailash Nishad, Sanath Guchait, Navnath Yadav, Sudarshan Shetty, Padmaraj Krishnankutty, Piyush Baug and Suresh Kumar. The president of the club was then elected unanimously by all the members and, being the senior most member, Mr. Selvaraj became the first president of the club. The managing committee for the first year was decided.


The club today has a good fan following. Many young lads from Bhandup and surrounding area have taken up football and come to the club for registering themselves with the club. The founder members of the club strongly believe that the growth and success of Sunday Boys Football Club has been possible solely due to the prayers and support from the friends, fans, and family members. With this continuing love and support of the well-wishers, the club will reach newer heights.

SUMMER Camp 2018

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SUMMER Camp 2018

Contact: Amrit Raj (7977194290), Ajit Raj (8308917221), Lawrence (7738579237), Kailash (9224260704)

Starting from 10-April-2018

Fees: Rs.1000/- for 10 sessions

Age group:

  • U16 - Between 10 years and 16 years.
  • A16 - Above 16 years.


  • U16 - Mon-Wed-Fri Morning 7am to 8am.
  • A16 - Tue-Thu-Sat Morning 7am to 8am.